Author dedicates children’s book to murdered Oak Bay, B.C., sisters

A Victoria author has written a children’s book to honour the memory of two young girls who were the victims of a crime that stunned a community.

Six-year-old Chloe Berry and her four-year-old sister Aubrey were found dead in an Oak Bay, B.C., apartment on Christmas Day 2017.

Their father Andrew Berry was convicted of murdering his two daughters and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 22 years.

Writer David McArthur knew Chloe, Aubrey, and their mother Sarah Cotton.

“When you tuck your kids up at night and you think that Sarah can’t do that, it breaks your heart,” he said.

He says he felt helpless in the aftermath of the girls’ deaths.

“So many people wanted to do something to help support Sarah,” McArthur said. “And at the time, there’s nothing you could do.”

Then he started writing. The resulting book, What Does A Caterpillar Do?, is his way of expressing his family’s love and grief.

The book, which explores themes of growth and loss, is dedicated to the girls.

All proceeds go to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre.

With copies of the book selling briskly on Amazon, McArthur expects to donate thousands of dollars to the centre.

The back cover features a message from Sarah Cotton:

“Thank you for purchasing this book for a little one in your life. This story was written in honor of my daughters Chloe and Aubrey, my two little butterflies.”