David McArthur

Principal, Design

With almost 20 years of experience as a graphic designer and communication consultant, David instinctively knows how to combine any topic with creative visuals, bringing ideas to life. Having worked in Pensions and Benefits for the majority of his career, David integrates his business and creative skills and puts the most difficult ideas into simple words and design developing products that are compelling, informative and accessible.

In 2009, while living in the United Kingdom, David founded Morello Design and Communications. He then moved to Canada in 2012 and brought Morello with him working with clients across North America and the UK. David has a driving passion for creating high-quality, sophisticated designs that are tailored to suit his individual clients’ needs. His well-structured and informed writing style enables him to offer clients the tools they need to communicate clearly and effectively with their audiences.

Before founding Morello, David worked for several leading UK communication consultancies including Watson Wyatt and Shilling Communication (now Gallagher Communication). While at Watson Wyatt, David took the lead in helping the organisation secure a multi-million-dollar contract to supply HSBC with expert Pension Communication Consultancy services to help educate members about their Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension plans and their new online tools.

David has provided expert design and communication services to many organisations across Europe, America and Canada to meet and exceed their communication, marketing and design commitments. Some of David’s most valued clients include: Milliman, BCI, FortisBC, McCoubrey Consulting Inc., the British Government, Ampersand Advisory Group, BlueBeetle Books, Fidelity International, Hymans Robertson, Towers Watson, Blue-Fin Financial and Capita Hartshead. David’s work for Capita Hartshead has been nominated for several pension and benefit awards.

David holds a BA (hons) in Design Communication from the University of Portsmouth. In addition to his work as a graphic designer and experienced communications consultant, David is also an award-winning Children’s author. He lives in Victoria with his wife, two young children and dog.

Helen McArthur

Principal, Communications

Helen has over 24 years of experience working with clients to provide advice and guidance on strategic issues. Helen has significant experience working in leadership roles with executive staff and is skilled at bringing together multiple perspectives on an issue. Helen is extremely diplomatic and sensitive to the needs of project stakeholders. This quality is one that comes to bear on complex organizational transformation projects.

Most recently, Helen held the position of Executive Director for the BC Public Service and Teachers’ Pension Plans. This role required effective stakeholder management in a very complex governance structure. In this role, Helen was responsible for creating and implementing changes to risk management frameworks for both pension plans. This required a good assessment of strategic issues and the ability to implement change to address risks.

Helen began her career in communications and is a highly regarded communication professional. As an accredited member of the International Association of Business Communicators, Helen takes a well-planned but creative approach to her work. Demonstrating the effectiveness of projects through clear measurement and evaluation is a key component of Helen’s approach and where she helps clients demonstrate value in their initiatives. 

One of the highlights of Helen’s career was leading a change exercise for the UK’s National Health Service. This project was one of the largest of its kind in the UK due to the complexity and volume of stakeholders. The carefully considered strategic communication and change management plans enabled the changes to be implemented smoothly and innovatively. The project won its category in the Financial Times Awards for creativity and effectiveness. Since leading this project, Helen has been able to apply many of the learnings to other projects for public sector and private sector clients both in the UK, Canada, and the US.

Other valued team members

Laura Danforth

Communication Consultant

Scott Anderson

Backend Developer 

Keri Brunskill

Graphic Designer

Nick Dodd

Frontend Developer 

Simon Dodd

Frontend Developer 

Peter Hardy

Quality Assurance 


Cutting Edge Software

At Morello we use cutting edge graphic design software. This software enables us to create your projects in the fastest, most efficient way possible without losing any quality or creativity.